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How avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan

 Avoiding sea sickness on a Diamond Ghost Charters  

To avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan there are some things to consider before getting on a fishing charter boat and
going out on the water.

Feeling sick on a boat is pure misery, and no one wants to feel dizzy, disoriented, and ready to puke at any time, right?
The thing is this: your body is used to being on non-moving land…like really, really used to it. Therefore you need to
prepare yourself mentally and physically to avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan.

First off, don’t drink alcohol the night before your boating trip on the lake. Why? Well, having booze in your system
increases your chances for getting sick on board an always-moving boat. The same is true for caffeine. As much as you
want your morning coffee, consider that coffee and boating don’t mix well. Do you want to be out on the lake and need
to poop? No, you don’t. It’s best if you eat and drink light before a boat trip– enough so you have energy but not too much
in order to save your digestive system from working overtime. Make sure you’re hydrated before your fishing charter,
because being dehydrated increases your chances of getting sick on board the boat.

Additionally, a good night’s sleep before the trip is essential to avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan. Your metabolism
gets in balance when you get your deep, REM sleep. You want to make sure your body is well rested and not exhausted.
Some people like to take motion sickness medication a good 48 hours before their trip. This is a good idea. Getting dramamine
in your system well before the trip occurs is a smart way to avoid getting seasick. Doctors can offer scopolamine patches
which also prove effective.

Once on board the fishing charter boat, to avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan you will want to avoid unpleasant, stinky
smells. Fresh air agrees with a person, while stinky bait, fumes, and certain foods can really turn a stomach…not in a good
way! Avoid looking at disgusting things. If someone else on board is sick and heaving over the side of the boat, don’t watch
them! Meanwhile, when you’re on a boat, it’s best not to read anything or check your phone or go inside the cabin– otherwise
you’re setting yourself up to get motion sickness.

Finally, since seasickness is generally caused by an imbalance in your inner ear, make sure you keep your sinus cavities clear
both before and during your fishing charter trip. Take an antihistamine if needed. Don’t panic if you do start to feel sick– small,
short breaths encourage sickness, while deep and slow breathing combats those feelings. Don’t lie down, either. It’s best to stay
standing and active, moving with the waves nearest to the center of the boat to avoid sea sickness on Lake Michigan.
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